Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Effort Levels 1 & 4 and Brother Jimmy's

So last night's practice was a toughie - effort intervals across the 102nd St. transverse.  What does that mean?  Well, effort level one is just a little easier than my normal - chat with a running buddy - easy breathing pace.  I initially thought that would be hard.  It's hard to go slow! I was wrong. Because effort level four is run as hard as you can to the point where you can't talk and your breathing is labored.  Our crazy Spanish coach used the words "pain" and "discomfort" several times.  And he meant it.  

So we intermediates ran 1/2 the transverse at level four, and then recovered at level one for the other half.  We did that about 6 or 7 times (I lost count after 3).  I'm not gonna lie - it was hard.  Slow was not an issue for those second halves.  I think I may have even walked for several yards a couple of times. I felt old and out of shape and slow and.... well, you get the point.  But afterwards?  I felt kind of good.  Surprisingly. 

So I joined my mentor, Peter, and several other teammates for some pulled pork and fried pickles at Brother Jimmy's on the east side.  It was fun and I met a lovely Irish woman who had run the NYC Marathon with Team in Training and actually qualified for the Boston Marathon this year.  NYC was her very first marathon and she ran it in under 4 hours!!!!  Now that's inspiration.

Saturday is a 5 mile race in Central Park.  I'm curious to see how I do.

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