Sunday, November 30, 2008

week one of training - done!

Week one of training is over and, according to the little calendar our TNT coaches gave us, that means there are 20 weeks left until the Wildflower Triathlon.  Now I know that sounds like a lot of time but consider this - I have not ridden the bike yet.  I would blame it on the weather but that is not really the case.  I have the helmet, I got the bike tuned up, I even got a great little bag for under the seat  and oh yeah, some padded tri shorts (thanks super sale at Jackrabbit!).  I've got the stuff and now I'm just waiting for the right time.  Soon.

As for my first Group Training Session (GTS) - those tri coaches kick butt!  We ran for about 40 minutes in a hilly section section of Riverside Park and did core and strength exercises on the wet grass between 10 minute sets.  Ramon only made us do planks and lunges on the asphalt once.  I fear these exercise breaks are a regular part of the tri training.  I'll let you know after Wednesday's run GTS.  

And I am proud to report that I followed the training calendar to a T!  2 run sessions, 2 swim sessions and 2 bike sessions.  Now if I could just start eating properly.....

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Broadway Carl said...

Eating properly? At holiday time? Good luck with that - I'd never make it. ;)