Saturday, April 11, 2009

chuck and the rainy brick or... I like to call it - Bike-Run-ICK!  Today was a wet one!  The workout for this morning was:

10 min run warmup
pushups to exhaustion (to simulate swimming, yeah right)
1 hour bike
1 hour run (or 6 miles)

It was dreary when we started and by the time we finished, it was downright miserable.  Wet, wet, wet.  But I did it!   

Three weeks from tomorrow it's race time!!!!  So I figured I'd better do this:
       I sharpied my name in my wetsuit!

And did I mention I reached (and exceeded!) my fundraising minimum of $4900 this week?  I couldn't be more grateful.  $6000 anyone?  Spread the word!

Oh, and "chuck?"  That's what I named my bike.  Don't ask me why.  I just thought my lovely blue bike (thank you, Jason) was a "chuck."

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