Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chuck's on a truck

I leave on Friday and race day is one week from tomorrow!  Woo hoo!
Last night I took my bike, now known as "Chuck", on the subway for the first time.  We did not enjoy that part.  Once far enough uptown we walked across Central Park to get to a bike shop on 87th St. and 2nd Ave.  Waiting for us was a giant moving truck.  That's right, Chuck got loaded onto a truck and is now heading cross country to Monterey where we will be reunited on Friday afternoon.


That is not Chuck being loaded, he went on second and I didn't think of taking a photo until much later.

Th truck driver very carefully wrapped packing blankets around all 45 bikes.  He had no clue why they were going to California and was mostly concerned about getting a ticket.

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