Monday, January 14, 2008

saturday's race

So Saturday was the Fred Lebow Classic 5 mile race in Central Park sponsored by New York Road Runners.  The race was our prescribed Saturday group training session (GTS) and I ran it with my running buddy Amy.  Here are the race stats:  
Total finishers: men - 2344, women - 2065, total - 4409
Weather: 44 degrees, 53% humidity, Wind Calm
Total women in my age range (40-44): 219

Here are my stats:
Finish time: 44:43
Overall Place: 2278
Gender Place: 715
Age Place: 79
Pace/Mile: 8:56
AG Time: 42:52 (This is your time if everyone were the same age!)
AG Gender Place: 672
AG %: 56.4% (I don't know how to explain this one, but the higher the better!)

That's my second race with a pace under 9 minutes per mile.  Let's see if I can improve that even more!

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