Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2nd group training session

Tonight was the first weekday run GTS (Group Training Session).  It was appropriately cold for December and I was happy to only have to go to Columbus Circle (marathon training takes place on the upper east side.)  There are tons of coaches, whose names I am still learning, and there was a pretty big turnout.  We did a quick warmup to Bethesda Terrace and then Coach Scott went over more strength training exercises and split us into three groups - basic, intermediate and advanced.  I stuck with the intermediate group since the "8 minute miles for 5 miles" qualification for the advanced group is a little out of my speed bracket.  

And I'm pretty happy with how I did - I stuck close to Coach Scott at the front of the pack since he seems to talk and run at the same time - lots of tips and advice.  We did 3-10 minute out and backs (squats and the like in between) and cadence checks with a goal of over 45 strides per 30 seconds.  My three checks were 43, 45 and 44.  I thought, "Terrific, I'm pretty darn close!" but Coach Scott didn't seem entirely satisfied.  Something about keeping our feet on the ground too long.  I guess there is work to be done!  

Maggie has promised me a bike ride on Friday.  It would be my first.  Uh, yeah, I know....

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