Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wrong shoes

Tonight's GTS was a little wet and a lot hot.  What happened to winter?  But really, the most frustrating thing was that I wore the wrong shoes.  I accidentally wore an old pair.  A pair without insoles.  A pair without a lot of cushioning.  And most devastating - a pair without a nike+ sensor!!!  If you don't know, I'm obsessed with logging my miles using the nike+ system.  I have logged over 2000 miles since I first started using it (and no, there are not too many zeros :)
So when I started my sportband and it kept saying "walk" and never getting to the all important "0.00" I was cursing my inability to work the sportband in the dark.  What the heck was I doing wrong?!!!  And then I looked down at my feet.  There was no emergency tag - a tag supplied by TNT with all of your emergency information.  I had on old shoes.  There was no sensor for the sportband to sync with. Duh.

So I lost about 4 miles.  I still ran them, I just don't get credit for them.  I the cherish credit for all of my miles.  It keeps me going.  Oh, well.  Just add it to the infamous "9 miles of spring '08."  Long story....

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