Monday, December 29, 2008

spin class

I just took my first spin class.  Yowza.  That was challenging and I am drenched.  Next time I'm wearing my heart rate monitor - I'm pretty sure I reached my max heart rate!  But it was an excellent guide for working with the trainer at home and I am certain I will go back.  

And no, despite the nice weather yesterday, I did not make it outside on the bike.  (Sorry Carlos.)  I slept in.   Again.  And then I worked both shows at AVENUE Q.  Which is why I took the spinning class today instead of a rest day.  Now I'm going to disassemble my bike from the trainer and take it and the pedals to the bike shop.  I need to buy a water holder and some tire tubes, investigate new tires and have them show me how to adjust the seat back and change the pedals.  

I should probably shower first.

Oh, and another important thing happened today - I reached 10% of my fundraising goal.  Thanks everyone!  Only $4405 more to go! (Or more if you guys are up to it ;)  Spread the word!

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